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"Give it a try, everybody starts somewhere."

                        -Coach Adam

TRAIN: Our trademark high intensity interval training mixed with cardio and weights.  This class focuses on max heart rate and maximum effort for maximum results!

FIT: This is a high intensity, full bodied functional movement workout every time!  The movements focus on compound moves versus isolation exercises.

FLOW: This class will help to build balance, flexibility and strength by combining yoga and pilates inspired movements.  It will incorporate traditional static poses, but also adds movement while mixing in cardio to get a great calorie burn!

RIDE: This high-intensity 45 minute cruise on a stationary bike will always leave you sweating!

WEIGHTS: This class is our fundamental weight training class with little cardio formatted more in traditional bodybuilding style. 

TURBO KICK: A party in the cardio room!  This animated class will keep your heart rate up and your calories burning!

Class Hours:



and 4PM-7:30 PM

Friday: 4:30AM-7AM

Saturday: 8AM-9AM

Sunday: Key Card ONLY

*Key card holders

have further access

to the gym.  

Please see Krista

for more details.

Head Coach: Adam Manley

Success Manager:

Krista King

Supporting Staff:

Joe & Mandie Bayliff

Allie Baker

Dustin Windau-Ride

Megan Simon-Flow 

Peg Whitmer-Refired

Don Achey-Max Effort Run