Amanda Bayliff Fitness



Fitness and Nutrition have been a major part of my life and my goals from a very young age.  I am committed to showing the everyday mom, dad and kids that "the limit to your success (in and out of the gym) is you".  If you quit putting these limits on yourself, you can achieve so much more than you thought you could.

We started with a small group here at Baylifft, and over the years, our group had really grown, however the COVID-19 Pandemic limited the group that could congregate at the gym.  During this process we took a group of 6 ladies who "enjoyed" working out and taught them how not to limit themselves. 

Their growth as athletes along with what they achieved over the last month and a half is AMAZING.  Once they realized that 100% of what they were giving during any 45 minute gym session was about 60% of what they were able to give, all the boundaries were broken down.  They were hitting new max lifts, new max sets, new max calories burned.  This group was able to support each other through all of these victories, all during a time of major daily defeats. 

If these six women could achieve this, why not you?  Why are you limiting yourself?

Starting in September of 2020, Baylifft Gym and Box will go virtual for daily workouts and will have the 44 step process to not only learning nutrition but mastering it.  If you need some victories in your daily routine, reach out to us.  We've got the secret...