Meet the fit, fantastic Fenstermaker Family- Lindsey, Mike, Logan and Lucas- members at Baylifft Gym and Box! Lindsey and Mike sometimes come separately, and sometimes together to work out as a family with their sons- Logan who is 8 and Lucas who is 12. Lindsey started coming to Baylifft in March 2016. She said she had lost a lot of weight without exercising much but her weight loss had stalled. A good fried had mentioned that she worked out at Baylifft and invited Lindsey to a Saturday class. Lindsey said that she thought the workouts were tough and she felt out of her comfort zone, but she loved it and kept coming back! Mike didn’t start coming until March 2017. Mike says since his wife had stuck with it for a year and really liked it, he decided to finally go with her to Baylifft. Mike and Lindsey said “Baylifft has changed our family for the better in many aspects. We are more active, we are more conscious about our food choices, and we set goals together. We have also learned how to meal prep, which has been life changing. Baylifft has enabled us to build relationships with local people we wouldn't typically know, which has definitely helped us feel "at home". We have met some incredible people!” 
When asked what they like about Baylifft, Lindsey reported that she loves the sense of community, awesome coaches, class variety, accessibility, support, continual challenges, and the #baylifftstrongfeeling she gets every time she’s there! Mike said he loves the variety of workouts, the great sense of community and positive vibe. Mike also said the trainers are great, especially Adam Manley. “I feel challenged by him all of the time. And now, my kids say things like "I bet Adam could do it" and we laugh, but I keep trying. “ 
Lindsey said the reason she keeps coming back to Baylifft is “the feeling of accomplishment I get when I do something I didn't realize I could do, how great I feel after working out, how I notice my family following my lead in the gym and at home on their dinner plates!” Mike reported “I enjoy it and I feel better. I want to continue to make fitness a part of my family's life.” 
Lindsey says she enjoys a variety of Baylifft classes, “RIDE is great for the music and stress relief, but TRAIN is a great and empowering challenge. Zumba and Cize are a lot of fun too.” Lindsey also added that her favorite day is leg day 1, and that her least favorite is the thought of leg day 2! But admits she loves the feeling after leg day! Mike said he likes FIT class the most and that it is challenging and he never gets bored! Mike said that his favorite muscle groups to work are core, shoulders and arms, and least favorite…. Legs! 
Mike and Lindsey are high school sweethearts from Arcadia, Ohio. They have been married since 2004. Mike is a Senior Finance Analyst at Husky Energy and Lindsey is a High School English Teacher and NHS Adviser at Shawnee Schools. They moved to the area in 2010 from Findlay to shorten Lindsey's commute to Lima, but ironically they both work in Lima now. The Fenstermakers are members of Good Hope Lutheran Church. They both reported they played sports in high school. Lindsey says she "played sports" in high school has never felt more like an athlete than she does now.  
Thanks for being awesome members Fenstermakers! You are setting a great example for your children, and a great example for everyone else by making fitness and a healthy lifestyle a family affair!

Meet Patti Dyer Wallace, one of Baylifft Gym and Box's remarkable members! Patti started working out at Baylifft in October of 2017 but then took November and December off so her body could heal after a kidney procedure. She came back in January of 2018. Patti recalls that she joined Baylifft for three reasons: weight loss, to tone up her muscle, and become stronger. “I've been overweight for years now and was tired of having a kidney stone procedure done every year. So I decided it was time to make a change. I figured my weight was part of the problem and it was time to do something about it. I set a goal for myself to lose 100 lbs. I'm down 43 lbs so far. I've got a way to go but I feel so much better and I like myself now when I look in the mirror.”

Patti informed that her favorite work-out move would be kettle bell swings and that she also loves wall balls. Patti has voiced her affection for wall balls at the gym and has been called “crazy” and her response is “I know---what's wrong with me...right?” Patti confessed that her least favorite workout move would be “anything with the barbells. I don't know why but I am still not 100% comfortable with them. I'm better than what I was but it will take me some time.” Patti also commented “Coach Adam Manley and Coach Drew Melton pushed me a couple of weeks ago and I dead-lifted 175 lbs. Some may not think that's much but to me it is. I want to get my name on that board, so 225 lbs. here I come!” And with Patti’s hard work and dedication, we know she will make it up on the board!

Patti has been married to Jim for 28 years now and they have a son, Jase. “Our son Jase tells me every week how proud he is of me and that makes me feel great and pushes me to do more.” Patti works in the automotive business and has since 2000 as the Service Writer at Rick's Auto Sales, Inc. in Kenton, Ohio. Patti said she loves spending time with family and friends, and that laughter is the best medicine.
Patti added “I can't say enough about Baylifft. This place has changed my life and changed it for the better. I have made so many new friends here. This place is a family. I am where I am today because of this wonderful place and it's wonderful coaches. I can't thank them enough!!!!”

Meet Megan who joined Baylifft in February 2017. Her goal was to gain some muscle and get in better shape. As a mom of 2 she felt she was neglecting her health and had no strength to lift up her 2 boys and keep up with them! She feels she has reached her goals of becoming stronger and gaining muscle, getting in better shape, and has gained confidence enough to compete in 2 bikini fitness competitions. She now teaches FLOW class at Baylifft, which is a fast paced yoga/pilates class. She enjoys the Saturday Community workouts the most along with FIT and TRAIN classes. "Joining Baylifft was one of the best decisions I ever made! Joining a community of fitness minded people that want to see you succeed is amazing. The workouts are fun and challenging. You may think you aren't into group workouts but once you try them you will be hooked! Whether your goal is to gain weight, lose weight, complete in figure shows, or just feel good in your clothes and be healthy, Baylifft is the gym for you!"

Meet Krista King, one of Baylifft Gym & Box’s amazing members! Krista decided to make a lifestyle change in April of 2016 when her father was diagnosed with diabetes. Krista said that her father had tried to take care of himself due to having heart issues and 2 past heart operations. Krista thought “My father was not overweight and took care of himself and still got diabetes, and I myself was over 300 lbs, 41 years old with a husband and 2 beautiful girls and we were all overweight. I was ashamed that I helped lead my family on the path of eating unhealthy and being inactive. I also knew that if I kept going the way I was, I would be 400 lbs before I knew it.” So for herself and her family Krista decided to make a change. Krista said that she and her husband Mirl started talking about losing weight as a family so they could all support each other. Within the next few days, Krista heard about Baylifft Gym and Box through someone she went to high school with. With high hopes, Krista called Mandie the next day and asked if she could help Krista and her family. They set up a time to meet. Krista tried out the gym that same day and never looked back! She has now been a faithful Baylifft member for over a year! 
Krista reported what she likes best about Baylifft is that the trainers are there to teach you, show you the proper movements, push you to your limits, and make sure you don’t hurt yourself. She feels all of the trainers are very supportive and they are there to cheer everyone on! Krista reports that some accomplishments that may seem small to others, but have been huge to her, are: being able to jump rope, doing box jumps, push-ups, and burpees, and being able to run all the way around the gym without stopping. Krista says something else she likes about the gym is that she has met so many great people that she now calls friends! 
Krista said her fitness background is small and she was not that active in sports when she was in school. She said she had tried exercise in the past to lose weight but always gave up. Krista reports she keeps coming back to Baylifft because of the coaches who push her to her limits every workout! She feels the Baylifft Crew really helps you change your lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. Krista says she comes back to Baylifft again and again because she now makes her health a top priority and she wants to be a good example for her family. “Exercising and eating well has helped me not only lose weight but has also given me more confidence. I know I can do anything I want to do! I am not nearly as sick as I used to be, I have more concentration at work and home, I am a much more positive person, and I have tons of energy. I also feel that since I have lost weight while weight training I do not have all the extra skin that I could have had if I just did cardio and ate healthy.” 
Krista said that the Train class is her favorite and that she loves dead lifting! Krista also said front squats are her least favorite exercise (but asked us not to tell Mandie or she will make her do 100!) Krista says that in the beginning of her fitness journey with Baylifft, she didn’t think of herself as a “cardio person", but she made herself go to some cardio classes. After attending a few classes she realized that she does like cardio! Krista wants to challenge others to try all of the classes at Baylifft, and try them more than once, because sometimes the first impression may be deceiving! 
When Krista isn’t at Baylifft achieving goals and inspiring others, she spends time with her family- her husband of 21 years Mirl and her two daughters- Grace, who is 18, and Ella, who is 15. Grace is heading to Ohio University in the fall and Ella attends Hardin Northern where she is active in cheerleading and track. Krista works at Marathon Petroleum Corporation as a procurement processor. Now with her healthier lifestyle, Krista looks forward to being outside more, walking and hiking, and enjoys watching her girls in all of their activities. 
Krista commented “I want to thank my family for being my biggest supporters in this adventure! After 14 months I have lost over 60 pounds and tons of inches. Also thanks to some awesome gym peeps who are always there to push me when I need pushed!” Krista also added “Thank you Mandie, Joe, Allie, Marcy, Dustin, Amanda, Addy, Lauren, and who could ever forget Super Adam!” Krista reports she plans to continue to lose weight and gain muscle with diet and exercise. Her goal is to compete in a body building competition in 2018.